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contract provisions



  1. BeoFit GmbH provides the guest with all facilities used for training for the agreed usage fee for the duration of the contract. The guest's rights of use are not transferable. The guest is obliged to register his presence before the training using the check-in system. These are non-transferrable and not intended for third parties.

  2. BeoFit is committed to doping-free sport and values doping-free training facilities. The guest undertakes to refrain from any form of doping.

  3. The guest hereby confirms that he is physically fit. In case of doubt, the guest must consult a doctor before registering. However, a certificate does not have to be submitted.

  4. Use of the BeoFit facilities is at the risk and peril of the guest. Any liability is excluded to the extent permitted by law.

  5. In the event of business interruptions due to cleaning, repairs, accident, force majeure, etc., the guest is not entitled to any refunds. if the business interruptions during a contract year exceed a total of four weeks, this agreement is automatically extended by the duration of the business interruptions exceeding the four weeks. Further claims of the guest are excluded. Special rules apply on public holidays.

  6. Downtimes or interruptions that were not foreseeable when the contract was concluded, for example due to illness, vacation, professional hindrances, etc., do not release from the obligations arising from this contract. In the event of chronic illness, lengthy military service and cases of hardship, the contract can be suspended for a certain period in agreement with BeoFit. In this case, the contract is extended by the period of time in which the guest paused. The originally agreed method of payment remains unaffected by such a regulation.

  7. If the guest violates the house rules in a serious manner, BeoFit is entitled to terminate the contract without notice. In this case, the guest is not entitled to a refund of his usage fee.

  8. BeoFit is not liable for damage, loss or theft of valuables and clothes brought by the guest.

  9. Changes and additions to this contract must be made in writing to be valid.

  10. The house rules are part of the contract.

  11. Increases in the usage fee are possible up to a maximum of 10% of the previous amount and will be announced by BeoFit at least one month in advance.

  12. The house rules and the data protection regulations form part of this contract.

  13. The contract must be resolved at the BeoFit location.

  14. The contract is concluded for a period of 12 months. It is extended by 12 months if it is not terminated in writing 4 weeks before the contract expires. The start of the contract is the start of the training. Before the end of the period of notice, the guest will be informed in writing by BeoFit of the forthcoming extension of the contract and the possibility of termination.

  15. The agreed user fee is payable as an annual fee, 30 days net. In the event of a delay in payment, a reminder procedure will be initiated, with a reminder fee of CHF 50.00. From the 2nd reminder, the guest is no longer entitled to the right of use in accordance with Section 1 (block) until all outstanding amounts have been paid.

  16. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract shall be the registered office of BeoFit GmbH, Interlaken.

House rule


To ensure smooth training operations with a high quality standard, BeoFit GmbH is dependent on compliance with and knowledge of the following rules and circumstances:

  • All instructions from the BeoFit team must be followed.

  • The endurance equipment must be cleaned after each use.

  • The training equipment may only be used with a towel.

  • Wearing clean sneakers or equipment shoes is mandatory.

  • Out of consideration for the other members, we ask people with a strong odor to shower before training.

  • Free weights may only be used in the workout zone.

  • After each training set, the device must be exited. Breaks on the devices are not desired.

  • Avoid using your mobile phone during training.

  • Excessive noise levels should be avoided.

  • Clothes left behind will be disposed of after 4 weeks.

  • This room is under video surveillance. 

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