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 You have taken the first step towards achieving your fitness goals, our fitness advisors and personal trainers will be happy to help you. 


What are your goals? 

muscle building  -  Stress relief  -  Figurtraining -  weight management 

- Health training  -  Compensation for competitive sports  -  More endurance 

Here is our offer

Introductory Training 

Your entry into the training world of Beofit, we will show you the function and correct exercise execution on our fitness equipment, advise you on the exercise selection and ensure a safe and effective training process. 

CHF 90.–

refresher training 

Errors often creep in during the training routine or you simply have questions about further training planning and equipment/exercise selection, then this training is the right one. You will be advised on setting your training goals and your exercise selection and execution will be checked together with the personal trainer. 

CHF 90.–

Further individual training plans 

You are also welcome to book our professionals if you have been training for a long time and need further advice and training plans, whether it is a split plan to build muscle or a program to lose fat with nutrition tips, or you are an endurance athlete and are looking for advice, our personal trainers will be happy to help you with that Achieving your goals. 

CHF 90.–

To provide you with the best possible service, we have created a contact form that allows you to choose your preferred training plan.

After filling out the contact form, a member of our team will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment. We are committed to providing you with a customized training experience that aligns with your individual needs and goals.

Our experienced trainers are available to guide you through your training program and assist you in achieving your goals. Whether you are interested in strength training, endurance training, or a combination of both, we have the right training plans to support your fitness journey.

If you have any questions, we are here to assist you. Feel free to contact us.

Your BeoFit Team

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Thanks very much!

About Us:

Daniel Amman


- Diploma. Fitness Supervisor SAVS

– BLS-AED-SRC Generic Provider

– fitness manager

Daniel Ammann


– Diplo. Fitness Betreuer SAVS

– BLS-AED-SRC Generic Provider

– Fitnessmanager

Training works – but only if it happens!

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